Elzinga Machinefabriek has a premier quality and specialist Engineering department. Our specialists can help you with just about any issue; researching, designing and realising the perfect solution.

From problem to solution

Our clients discuss their ideas with us and we develop an appropriate concept. However, our services don’t just end there. The concept is then translated into a concrete, feasible solution, complete with technical drawings and the full necessary calculations.

Our engineers will then supervise the production of the made-to-measure solution in our machine factory. This allows us to produce almost all production components in-house. Short lines of communication and a rapid process from clear concept to complete performance. This is the value we add.

Clear point of contact, complete service

Throughout the entire process there is one clear point of contact and in the event of amendments this means fast and fluent coordination with everyone involved. The short lines ensure we work highly effectively and efficiently.

Examples of engineering solutions for our clients

Examples of engineering solutions for our clients

– For a client in the industrial sector we have created a special crane block with a rapid coupling system for overhead cranes. This permits remotely controlled hydraulic attachments for handling loads up to 45 tons to be automatically coupled. A practical solution, contributing considerably to more efficient and safer production. And the outstanding result:

a crane block with a rapid coupling system for overhead cranes

– For another client we developed a hydraulic system for the simultaneous loading and off-loading of 10 big bags. This boosted the client’s efficiency and productivity.

– For an off-shore company, we devised and developed a compact remote-control transport system for moving loads inside a ship’s hold.

– We created an electrically controlled 15 ton cross beam for transporting wound copper wire in various dimensions for a company that manufactures electric motors. Flexibility was the key word here.

Electronically controlled cross beam

We look forward to investigating your specific issue, as well as coming up with and creating a fitting solution.

Would you like to see more examples?

Or would you like to find out the kind of solution we could provide for you? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.