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With over 80 people working for us at Elzinga Groep we do our best every day to deliver premier quality throughout our projects and at the best price. 24/7, year in year out. To them, no issue can ever be too complex.Quality and safety is inherent in their DNA.Would you like to know more about the Elzinga Groep? Then read about our history.

We would like to introduce you to some of the people who work for Elzinga Machinefabriek.

  • Edwin Edens

    Edwin Edens

    Head of Engineering

    As Head of Engineering, Edwin relishes his visits to clients. That means he is often on the road, both in the Netherlands and abroad. But he always returns to his lovely home village of Uithuizermeeden.

    Since he was very young, Edwin has been familiar with Elzinga Machinefabriek; his father was the manager here at one time. You could say Edwin was ‘born to it’.

    Edwin always gives his job 100%. Which of course reflects the general spirit around Elzinga. Giving just that bit extra to the client ensures you build up a strong bond. And of course this makes the work even more pleasurable.

  • Mark Raangs

    Mark Raangs


    Mark is you man for excellent hoisting and lifting gear. He enjoys it best when he can create a bespoke solution for a client. "That's the ideal; for here at Elzinga we can look after the entire process, from development to end product."

    Does the client ask for something that weighs little, costs little and can lift a great deal? That gets Mark going! Finding outstanding, and above all safe, solutions is what he does best.

  • Robert Elzinga

    Robert Elzinga


    Robert has been with Elzinga for ten years. Previously he worked at Machinefabriek Marings and Hijsspecialist.nl, and for the last two years he has been a planner with Elzinga Machinefabriek. For Robert, the best part of working at Elzinga is that when other suppliers are unable to come up with a solution, clients will eventually arrive at Elzinga's doorstep, simply because Elzinga will produce something truly special.

    Robert is Mister Cool. Whatever out-of-the-box project you can think of against any impossible timeframe, Robert will just ensure it happens.

  • Jan van den Berg

    Jan van den Berg

    Workshop Manager

    Jan van den Berg is our Workshop Manager and the conduit between what is devised in the offices and what is produced on the shop floor. Literally, he spends a lot of time walking between departments! Jan organises production with an eagle eye for detail.

    As a welding engineer and evaluator, he knows exactly how the welds need to be performed. The perfect man for assessing whether the product entirely meets with the required quality demands before it leaves the production site.

    Jan is also Elzinga Machinefabriek’s practical instructor, ensuring the knowledge transfer to trainees.

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